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As a master goldsmith workshop, we can offer you the opportunity to manufacture your dream wedding ring.


Therefore please select:

Material monochrome:

  • 750 Yellow, White or Rose Gold (on request also as "fair trade")
  • 950 Platinum
  • 900 Yellow Gold
  • 585 Yellow, White or Rose Gold


Material polychrome:

  • Any combination (longitudinally or transversely divided or godet pieces)


  • hammered
  • ice-mat
  • highly polished
  • silk-mat longitudinal/transverse
  • sandblasted
  • milled

Width and thickness:

  • variable


A small selection of colors and profiles:

Exterior vault Interior vault Outside flat,
subtly embossed inside
Outside flat,
subtly embossed inside
Inside and outside
embossed, tapering


Thick oval

Subtly embossed inside and
strong embossed outside
Subtly embossed outside and
strong embossed inside
Round profile

Inside and outside flat

Special shapes according
to your wishes

  Platinum        White gold        Yellow gold        Red gold        900er Gelbgold

What else can we do for you?

  • We offer Galvanic works (silver coating, gold coating) and Ring engravings.
  • Of course we also sell diamonds and gemstones to everyone (even non-students).
  • Upon request, our goldsmiths make your Repairs and manufacture customized products of any kind.
  • We enchase your gemstones - when it is urgent even as ExpressService within a few days!


You pay us the material by weight plus our work.


Through our own enchase-master and in cooperation with hand-engravers each individual gemstone setting and engraving is possible.
Please send us an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with a picture of your desired ring and your phone number. We will contact you immediately for a quote and further details.

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