10 Advantages of forging wedding rings yourself


1. Individuality / Creativity
By designing your own wedding rings, you will create unique pieces with a very personal touch and the best quality craftsmanship. Width, color, surface, engraving and stone setting all will be of your very own individual choice. No one else anywhere in the world will have the same rings.

2. Quality
When you forge your wedding rings with us, we will provide you with alloys of the highest quality (585/ooo gold, 750/ooo gold,950/ooo platinum). There is no skimping on material strength either, the weight of the ring is an important quality feature of all our rings. Furthermore, we do not perform surface coatings, because they will last only weeks to a few months which is not something we think appropriate for your wedding rings. As skilled goldsmiths, we guarantee first-class craftsmanship for your rings, therefore coatings like the industry standard rhodium plating are not necessary.

3. Ring size adjustment
In the wedding ring course, ring size is perfectly adjusted to your fingers down to a quarter size measurement. Everyone has a different style of wearing rings and even the weight of the ring affects how it is worn. Every hand is shaped differently and only with the right fit will you feel 100% comfortable and safe with your wedding ring.

4. Pricing
Forging handcrafted rings, yourself is always more affordable than buying comparable rings from a jeweler. As a small workshop, we operate on different base costs compared to a jeweler in a prime inner-city location. And of course we are happy to pass on these savings in rent and personnel costs to you. Even compared to online shops our prices are very attractive. Only with us you don’t have to worry that the ring coming to you via mail after ordering online with the click of a mouse look nothing like the pictures on the website. Jewelry needs to be held and touched, feeling it is an important factor in selecting your wedding rings.

5. The experience
Forging the wedding rings for each other together is an exceptionally beautiful and personal experience. You will always remember the wonderful time you had looking at a ring forged by your partner on your hand. It literally is an experience that welds together!

6. Sustainability and recycled gold
We offer fairtrade gold 750/ooo alloys on request. It is guaranteed to be mined and processed without child labor and environmentally harmful chemicals. In addition, you can also get a discount if you bring in gold. For defective jewelry, dental gold or coins you receive a discount on the new material of your wedding rings. It is then recycled in our refinery. Funny sidenote: this process is called "divorce” 😉 Finally, the gold comes back to us freshly alloyed making old jewelry shine new again and thereby resulting in a much more sustainable approach.

7. Trust you goldsmith
We forge jewelry every day and have in-depth training and knowledge of the various alloys. We are true goldsmiths, we are not jewelers or retail salespeople. Our course concept has grown steadily since 1986 and over 50,000 couples have already put their trust in us. Each course starts with a detailed consultation by a goldsmith who will answer all your questions and work on your design wishes with you.

8. Extensive service
Through our engravers, master setters and goldsmiths, we can change ring sizes, repair and remake jewelry, or add stones at a later date. Even after a course, your jewelry is in good hands with us. For the wedding ring course, we will even make small repairs or refurbish your jewelry free of charge.

9. Free guest at the wedding ring course
If you would like to have beautiful photos taken of you during the forging, you are welcome to bring a guest to the wedding ring course to take pictures. They may also forge their own ring (usually made of silver). The regular course fee of 110 Euro is on us for your guest! Wouldn’t this be a great thank you for the maid of honor or your younger sibling helping you so much with wedding preparations.

10. Take a peek
At the various wedding fairs where we exhibit throughout Germany, you can see for yourself how easy it is for you to forge a ring. We have a mobile workbench at all the fairs and you are welcome to "practice" forging a ring there in advance. We look forward to welcoming you and for you to take a look at all steps in detail. See you soon!


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